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Road construction requires the creation of a continuous right-of-way, overcoming geographic obstacles. The process is often begun with the removal of earth and rock by digging or blasting, construction of embankments, bridges and tunnels,and followed by the laying of pavement material. Read More


To be Good match with the drilling and blasting works , the establishment also operates it's own excavation equipment and is in the position to provide a complete excavation service to the clients. Read More

Cautious Blasting

blasting in close proximity of buildings and other facilities controlling fly-rock, ground vibrations and air shock waves by controlling the drilling , charge and covering the rock with heavy rubber mats and wet sand.  Read More

Mining and Quarries

Our Establishment is managing the drilling and blasting at several quarries for the cement and stones industry throughout the kingdom.  Read More

Land Development and Trenches

With several infrastructure projects executed over the years we have the experience and knowledge to execute any assignment in our field from land leveling to trenching close to buildings and installations. Read More

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The Establishment was founded in 1990, by the owner Saeed Hamad Al-Salim who had gained the knowledge and expertise of drilling and blasting in his long working years with western companies in 1970's and 1980's.

It has Since executed a major part of the drilling and blasting for saudi Aramco's upstream oil and gas projects in Haradh, Hawiyah, Uthmania,Aindar and Shedgum in the eastern province.

Our Clients

  • Saudi Bin Laden


  • Saudi Aramco